Hemelvaart Cybernetics is a company who primarily develops and manufactures cubernetic prosthetics, implanst and augmentations for Humans.

Hemelvaart means 'Ascension' in Dutch.

History Edit

Following a violent car crash, billionaire Ignaas de Witte was saved from his serious injuries after a doctor installed several internal cybernetic implants to aid de Witte's failing organs.

The operation was a success and served as an eye-opener for Ignaas who started Hemelvaart just a week later after studying the field of cybernetics. Seeing the potential to save millions of lives- not to mention earn a lot of money- Ignaas set out to create his own brand.

While his company was a success it soon became obvious that Ignaas had developed a slight addiction to improving himself. The CEO would enter surgery at least once a week to the point where most of his body had been replaced by mechanical parts.

To this day he claims that cybernetics is, as the company slogan suggests, the "next step for Humanity".

During recent years the company has come under fire by both media and other "purists" who blame Hemelvaart for creating transhuman monsters such as the Transsentience Cult.

Products Edit

Aside from stand-alone implants Hemelvaart also offers three special packages for their customers.

HC Stage 1 Edit

Basic cybernetics package, includes an advanced visor and integrated brething apparatus alongside minor muscular and internal organ implants to improve the overall endurance of the body. Also includes a neural communicator.

Popular among administrational staff.

HC Stage 2 Edit

Advanced package. Upgraded visor, breathing apparatus and neural communicator. Eliminates the need to chew and proccess food as the operator rely on nutrition cartridges which are inserted into the mask. Internal implants are further upgraded and some parts of the skin are replaced with panels and utility spaces underneath.

Popular with police officers and security personnel.

HC Stage 3 Edit

Highly advanced package. Replaces the entire body but key internal organs with mechanical parts. Operator relies on a battery and nutrition cartridges to keep both the mechanical and biological parts working. While the Stage 3 package might seem extreme it does offer unparalled strength, endurance, focus and other benefits.

Popular with mixed types of individuals.

Media Edit

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