The secondary homeworld of the Upyri, and the political and military capital of the Upyri Federation.

Climate Edit

A temperate world, much like that of Terra in the Sol System.

Infrastructure Edit

Several megacities (and smaller cities and towns) dot the landscape, but not like that of its neighboring planet, Nyx. There are still vast open grasslands, jungles, and deserts scattered across the planets which remain untouched by planetary law.

Notable Locations Edit

The Federation Senate Edit

The Senate building may be found in the center of Thalassa, which is the capital city of Hemera. Here, the Council of Planetary Representatives gathers along with the President of the Federation to discuss politics and the like.

Metais Military Academy Edit

Designed by Grand Admiral Tirell Metais & Jiral Neaars (and named after Tirell), this large building sits outside of Thalassa on the waters of a nearby bay. Here, soldiers from around Federation space (and elsewhere) are trained to become Federation Naval or Marine Corps officers.

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