Henry Marshall is the captain of the SNV Horizon and a veteran within the SDF Navy. Marshall is in charge of the Sol Phantom Warrior Program.

History Edit

Henry Marshall came from a family of lawyers from New York. Originally he had planned to follow his parents and attend a lawschool however when the Unification war began Marshall realized that he was needed for a much higher cause.

He enlisted with the SDF Navy as a cadet and eventually became a boarding trooper. He saw brief action during the war when the vessel he was stationed on, the SNV Kyoto, was ordered to seize an immobilized vessel under control by anti-Sol fanatics.

Marshall and his team were deployed to board and secure the ship. The task proved to be more difficult than expected as the ship had been filled with deadly traps.

After a long operation which included at least three firefights, and the need for two more teams to deployed, the ship was finally secured. With shrapnel buried in his left leg Marshall carried one of his men out and after the operation he was awarded with a promotion.

He became captain over the SNV Horizon, the first of the Horizon-class carriers, and continued his service.

In 2386 he requested that the SDF and SSOID should increase their efforts against the USR, even volunteering to assume control of any projects which could help turn the tide.

This led to Marshall becoming the primary commander of the Sol Phantom Warrior Program while his vessel was also refitted and modified to carry the supersoldiers of said program.

Phantom Warrior Program Edit

Marshall was assigned to command and oversee the Phantom Warrior program. While the idea itself had been successfully tested a year prior, the SSOID had closed down the program after deeming that cloning was too risky.

Knowing that the boots on the ground needed a quick and efficient solution which could counter the masses of enemy forces and the USR onslaught Marshall reshaped the program and turned it into a project which enhanced existing veteran soldiers while also providing them with next-genertaion equipment.

Media Edit

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