Hirala is a member of the Sawarkian Deathdancers. Like the rest of her sisters she is a master of martial arts and is capable of releasing powers described by many as "magic".

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Like all Haalsiani Hirala was taught many ancient forms of martial arts as a girl. Her father was a warmonk of the Niraauz Order and her mother was a member of the Sawarkian Deathdancers.

Sharing the same gifts as the rest of her kin Hirala quickly mastered what many would call magic, which were infact merely the ability to manipulate atoms.

At the age of sixteen Hirala made the choice to follow in the footsteps of her mother and became a Deathdancer herself. Living on Sawark taught her a number of things and ontop of that Hirala grew close with the rest of her sisters.

After living with the Deathdancers for decades without ever meeting anyone from the outside Hirala was shocked when Qastus showed up outside their village.

The travelling monk had returned home only to be met with the ruins of his home and the corpses of his brothers. In his search for the truth he had travelled across the surface of Sawark to contact the Deathdancers in the hope that they could help him.

Hirala was the first to offer her help and together with her sisters they performed Dawnvision, an ancient ritual used by Deathdancer seers. Through this ritual the Deathdancers uncovered that the Divinity Creed were responsible for the destruction of Qastus's home.

With a new target in sight Qastus thanked the sisters for their help before setting out on a great hunt. However Hirala was not satisfied and shortly afterwards she managed to convince her sisters into repeating the ritual Through this they also uncovered that the Codex of Sawark, an ancient relic of immense power, had been stolen following the destruction of the monastery.

Hirala packed her belongings and after being blessed by her sisters she set out to find Qastus. Her journey eventually brought her to the world of Nyx where she met Varia Reyes. Varia was one of the few remaining eridians and was currently plotting her revenge on the Fists of Sol after they destroyed her homeworld.

Accompanied by Varia the Deathdancer eventually reunited with Qastus and told him of the second vision she had.

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Sawarkian Deathdancer

Hirala in her Deathdancer armor.

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