The human race has achieved quite a bit in four centuries of spaceflight, quickly spreading across the southern fringes of the galaxy under a wide variety of banners. They come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors, and sport equally diverse outlooks and ideologies.

Related Subspecies Edit

Lunar Edit

The people on Luna have not changed much from the "baseline" Human. The only notable changes to their physique is slightly paler skin.

Martian Edit

Unlike with their Lunar relatives the Humans of Mars have undergone some major changes. It has been noted that, even after terraforming, the slighlty lower gravity of the planet have made Martians slighlty more thinner.

Orbital Edit

Commonly found onboard orbital stations Orbitals are drastically different from the average Human. Orbitals are paler, taller and more slender. They have decreased muscle growth and more fragile bones as a side-effect to living with artifical gravity during early years.

Orbitals are much weaker when compared to the average Human when planetside, it should be noted that Orbitals have much better endurance during zero-G than other members of their species.

Orbitals are sometimes referred to as 'Spacers'.

Novithian Edit

Novithians are shorter and more muscular than the average Human as a result of stronger gravity on Novithus.

Valhallan Edit

Due to the climate (and rough culture) on Valhalla its people have developed a natural resistance to cold, as well as a resistance towards alcohol. The former has made the SDF value Valhallan auxiliares as arctic warfare specialists while the latter have earned them respect from the Khergians.

Pyrian Edit

Native to the planet of Pyri II, the Pyrians are slightly paler like their Lunar cousins. Due to the increased gravity and extreme climate Pyrians are also more muscular and much more resistant to heat.

Eridian Edit

The people of Eridia are tall and proud. Generations of heavy industrial work have made them strong. Visually there's no difference between a Terran and an Eridian.

Qalean Edit

Naturally strong and with a strong resistance towards unfiltered atmospheres the Qaleans take great pride in their endurance.

Paraísean Edit

Because the only major difference between Paraíso and Terra is that the former is covered in warm jungles there's no major differences between the respective people aside from Paraíseans having slightly darker skin.

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