Early in the 2450s, after studying how spacecraft and other objects travel through hyperspace, the Upyri began to devise a new method of warp. They wanted the galaxy to be able to get from point A to point B at a much faster pace, and in a much safer way. They began to eye other galaxies nearby, as the Milky Way was beginning to get a little full. Another galaxy meant more places to explore, more resources for everyone, and more races to interact with. Thus, they set out to create what they called 'Hyperwarp' technology.

Development was slow to begin with, due to the activities of the Ker Supremacy Movement's activities in the Federation, but it started to pick up after a few breakthroughs by Upyri scientists. The Upyri Navy would develop an experimental engine in late 2474, and it would be tested on December 1st, 2474. The engine was placed on an exploration vessel, and was tasked with warping through to the far end of Renegade Quadrant space.

The test proceeded, but the engine exploded halfway through the warp procedure. Debris exited the other side of the jump, as the ship had been ripped apart by the failing warp stream. The test was deemed a failure, and it sent the Navy as well as Upyri scientists back to the drawing board.

By the time the Second Division War broke out, scientists had finalised the designs for the new hyperwarp engines. Technologically sound and sure to work in practice, it was all up to the Upyri Navy to build the engine. Instead, Ker broke away from the Federation and created the Empire of Ker with its allies. This put a halt to any more work on the hyperwarp technology, as the Upyri decended into a second civil war.