There are only eight Ishin Yong's in existence, one belonging to each of the ISF starfleets. It is so wast that building more ships of equal size would not be economically profitable, so the current once are periodically outfitted with new technology and renovated. A Yong is always commandeered by a ISF Vice-Admiral, or in extreme cases the current ruling Admiral.

Each Yong contains it's own sectors entire intervention force. That force includes an army division, naval division and airforce division, along with 2 battalions of starfighters for orbital engagements. It is usually escorted by several Ishin Voyager class Battleships for protection.

Due to gigantic size, a Yong has never been downed, but they are never used for direct engagements. They function more as mobile bases for the ISF and deploys the intervention force to reinforce colonies or to intervene on protectorate worlds, such as during the Vakr-Gadr conflict. Along with several hangar bays that contain the intervention forces equipment, the Yong is also outfitted with a functioning living area that houses it's crew and soldiers, as well as recreational areas and a small starport for civilians.

It's weakness lies in extremely slow speed, which it needs to maintain to keep the core of it's size stable. It's warpdrives also take a long time to recharge and thusly it is only deployed into hostile territory if deemed absolutely necessary.

It's power source , like all ISF ships, is derived from a Prismatic Core outfitted with a Voidcrystal that serves as a virtually eternal power source. The energies inside the crystal is focused back into itself using special lenses where a self-sustaining reaction occurs.

Notable Ships Edit

  • HMSS Gunso: The northeastern starfleets carrier.
  • HMSS Tenkunoken: The southern starfleets carrier.
  • HMSS Kantoku: The northwestern starfleets carrier.
  • HMSS Kagayaki: The western starfleets carrier.
  • HMSS Toride: The southeastern starfleets carrier.
  • HMSS Keiji: The eastern starfleets carrier.
  • HMSS Hogo: The northern starfleet carrier.
  • HMSS Benmei: The southwest starfleet carrier.

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