The great pride of the Imperial Starfleet. It's travel speed and distance make it well suited for both cosmic and planetary engagements.

Several Boija's usually accompany the of each sectors own Ishin Vanguard class Carrier but can also operate independently as a merchant escort ship or patrol vessel. It can house 6 fighters, which are used for it's protection against smaller, quicker targets when it's laser-point defense is not adequate.

The Boija excels in evenly matched encounter with other battleships, this due to it's powerful and technologically elusive Saichu Voidbeam batteries and it's dreaded Disintegrator.

It's power source , like all ISF ships, is derived from a Prismatic Core outfitted with a Voidcrystal that serves as a virtually eternal power source. The energies inside the crystal is focused back into itself using special lenses where a self-sustaining reaction occurs.

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