Iska Volgrim is a khergian siegecrafter and engineer, as well as a tough soldier. Due to her Volgrim heritage she is known for being slightly more open-minded towards outsiders and is also afflicted by a particularly potent case of the Khergian Bloodrage.

History Edit

Iska was born in the factory settlement of Stalnazyp in the Ilmiv Valley on Rigel. As a member of the Volgrim clan and the daughter of its highly revered siegecrafter, much was to be expected of her. She grew up helping her father in their shop and learned the warriors way from fighting in the clan feud with the Volgrims long-time rivals, the Bolgans. Looking to broaden her horizons with her fathers encouragement, she joined up with the Archius Crew on the Oracle mission contracted by HarkArk. During her journey she befriended the kanad engineer Yanim Sidikan. The duo made a great team despite their respective race's history with each other.

Before the Battle of Zeruel, Iska had began to dislike the Oracle mission due to a number of things, namely Yanim's decision to leave the crew and Harken Saw's disregard for his employees. During the fighting she lost her left eye, which can be noted due to her facial tattoo over the now healed eye.

When she returned home from the Oracle mission, her father had passed away and as his daughter she was promoted to warboss and siegemaster of the Volgrim legion. As a tough soldier and with the ability to command respect from her subordinates she has made herself prevalent within the Khergian Resistance, even to such an extent that the UGC has placed her on their Wanted list with a bounty of 10.000.000 Galactic Credits.

Personality Edit

Iska is known very differently by people depending on if she considers you as a friend or as an enemy. She's been said to be laid back and friendly, but also honorable and brave given the situation. Her enemies usually describe her as ruthless and violent but also a fierce fighter not to be underestimated.

Due to the Bloodrage curse being especially strong in the Volgrim bloodline, Iska can indeed be a very dangerous character. She's known to go feral if placed under a substantial load of adrenaline or pain, attacking whoever happens to come into her way.

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