Istasha Kel'Sselik is an Ivtashk Sselik formerly employed by the Cataract as Chief Engineer of the ship, and briefly as a Combat Engineer for the Terrika-Belladonna Company. She is currently working freelance with her closest friend and partner in crime, Johannes van der Meijde

History Edit

Istasha was born on her peoples' homeworld, Ssael, on the continent of Iyrcarro, home of the Ivtashk sub-species of Sselik. This particular sub-species of Sselik is known as being the most intelligent of all Sselik groups. Generally taller than all others except the Kovher, but more agile and dextrous with less physical strength. She was born to in the 43rd Clutch of the Family of Kel, one of the shorter Ivtashk bloodlines but also one of the most successful considering their shorter generational length. At the age of 15, when her species reaches maturity, she left home with two of her cousins (Both Ivtashk) and three other Sselik (Two Kovher and a Barhtak) on a ship won in a gambling match. A small Corvette, they used it to establish themselves as dependable contractors, mostly handling courier and salvage jobs. After a few years, they upgraded to a Heavy Cruiser and hired on a larger crew of Sselik. Dissatisfied with the decreasing number of courier jobs, the crew began to work more salvage jobs and began making unsavory contacts to get more work, most of which was "under the table". It wasn't long until they had turned to outright piracy and forced salvage, ambushing freighters and civilian ships, looting all they could, and often tearing everything of value off the ship that wouldn't render it inoperable before leaving. They, however, prided themselves in never killing anyone unless absolutely necessary. It was about this time that they were salvaging an ancient derelict Terran ship, found 'dead in the water', adrift for over a hundred years, where they found a Cryopod with a very strange human inside. Johannes Van Der Meijde. This was three years ago. Roughly 6 months ago, Istasha transferred to the Cataract as one of the ship's combat engineers, up until the ship was bought by Yanim.

Equipment Edit

Istasha wears a heavily modified Sselik Raider Exoskeleton that accomodates her digitigrade stance and sets her apart as Sselik even when in armor. It has a couple of built in upgrades such as a more advanced sensor suite, shoulder mounted shield generator, synth-muscles for augmented strength, a chaff smoke generator, and a suit energy and medical status readout on the back to assist allies in determining condition.

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