Jabari (meaning 'Courageous') Okonjo is a SDF veteran and one of the councilors working for the Sol System Government.

History Edit

Jabari started his career as an engineer at a mining company in western Africa. It was a tough job but Jabari kept going in order to feed his family.

During the Unification Jabari enlisted to be, because of his work experience, a combat engineer with the SDF marines.

After distinguished service following several missions on Mars Jabari climbed the ranks and eventually received the rank of colonel for his hard work, dedication and loyalty.

Eventually Jabari retired from the military and started to campaign for a seat on the Sol System Government Council. Promising to always do what he can for the soldiers of the SDF (and their families) Jabari has spearheaded several popular proposals which would improve wages for soldiers, allow civilians to receive basic military training etc.

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