James Warren is a veteran soldier hailing from a long line of mechanics on Mars.

Following the Sol Unification, Warren was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant for his bravery in battle.

History Edit

Working as a mechanic on Mars ever since he was fifteen, James Warren sided with the SDF during the Sol Unification. With years of experience of working with the latest civilian and industrial tech and his thorough knowledge of Mars he became an SDF pioneer attached to a squad of marines.

Tasked with carrying out some of the most insane missions, Warren and his squad blew up bridges, pulverized bunkers, blasted through fortifications and destroyed anything else which wore the emblem of the enemy.

He was so successfull at what he was doing that the Creed militants placed a small bounty on his head after he managed to destroy a key weapons plant using a chain reaction.

Following his service on Mars Warren was later recruited and appointed leader of Spectre Squad.

Spectre Squad was equipped with some of the most advanced gear available to the SDF. They were deployed on Zeruel where they worked alongside the Archius crew.

After Zeruel Warren and his squad continued to carry out missions, mainly against the Divinity Creed, before getting transferred to lead SDF marines during the Siege of Novithus where he was joined by Mercury of the Boome Marines.

The two soldiers were already familiar with eachother and they became quick friends during the ensuing battles. Novithus was eventually liberated from the Divinity Creed invaders but Warren wasn't able to relax just yet after he and Mercury came into a contact with a commando from the Fists of Sol who had not been able to exfiltrate in time.

Joined by SSOID specialist Dara Vega the two soldiers were appointed to be bodyguards of the deceased commando as his body was transported back to the SSOID HQ on Terranos.

While in the process of unloading the body right outside the HQ Warren, Mercury, Vega and a dozen SSOID agents came under fire from members of an enemy sleeper cell which left the body of the deceased commando destroyed.

Shortly afterwards Warren and Mercury linked up with Commander Gladius and Ares after joining the STWG. With their newfound friends Warren and Mercury both played key roles during several operations ranging from a raid in central Terranos to a full-scale assault on a Creed base.

Equipment Edit

Media Edit

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