Jerome is a mercenary and a former caretaker of the Valley of Heroes on Mars.

History Edit

Growing up on Mars was rough. His father was one of the first SDF marines to enage the Divinity Creed. He was also part of the first hundred SDF casualties.

His mother was a personal secretary, then a receptionist, then a janitor and then a woman living off government support funds.

Barely finishing school Jerome was a lonewolf. He had learned to survive on his own after his mother gave up to her immense grief. Each day he'd pass the Valley of Heroes just to see the statue of his father. Proud. Smiling. Immortal.

As time grew the caretakers working at the monument offered Jerome a job. After all, he knew most of the monument like it was his backpocket.

For a few years Jerome worked as a caretaker. Then came the Zeruel memorial. Like the rest of his people he saluted those who had given their lives.

Having witnessed hundreds of more soldiers being buried Jerome figured that it was time for him to do his part. Due to his poor grades he was unable to apply to the SDF and as such he settled for becoming a mercenary. After saving up for years Jerome made sure that his mother got all the help she needed, that she'd be looked after.

With nothing holding him back he ventured into the deep black looking for adventure and, hopefully, for a chance to do something good. He left Mars, carrying only his rifle, his pistol and a smaller backpack.

After numerous engagements against pirates, criminals and other scum Jerome had learned to trust his rifle and his gut. Eventually Jerome would end up in the company of the Honored Seven.

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The Honored Seven

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