Jester is a mysterious Upyri cyborg, and formerly an operative of the Upyri Federation's Office of Naval Intelligence. She is also formerly a member of the infamous mercenary group, Keres Company. She is currently a fugitive, wanted for various crimes such as murder, grand theft, and terrorism against the Federation.

History Edit


Division's Legacy Edit


Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway Edit

During the events of Scoundrels, Jester met Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell inside the Culture. There, the two would become friends and eventually go on to team up and found the Blackwell Reavers. Jester would also use plans stolen from the Upyri ONI intelligence database as well as various connections to build a capital ship for the Reavers.

Devils of Sol Edit

Prior to the beginning of Devils, Jester was thrown out of the Blackwell Reavers by Valkyrie after an attempt on Valkyrie's life during a mutiny. Valkyrie deemed that she'd let her live only because she had helped her build the Reavers and the Guillotine, and released her into SDF space to be arrested. Jester would be imprisoned on Titan instead of being sent back to the Upyri Federation. While imprisoned, she would eventually join the Devil Squad program, which would create a team of convicts that would be sent on suicide missions in the name of Sol in exchange for a pardon and ten million credits.


Burning Sails Edit

During the events of Burning Sails, the original form of Jester is long dead (having been executed during the events of Devils of Sol by Miranda Caine.)


The Blackwell Reavers
2385 to 2426

Leader: Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell
Former Leader: Jester
Members: Lauren BlackwellZadra MasirChester WarrenScarletTaur Gorgon
Drones: ADAM DronesLoudmouth
Main Vessels: The Guillotine

2426 to 2430
Leader: Lauren Blackwell
Members: Zadra MasirChester WarrenRoku SaitoKarina ThielKanying ShurenLvishka DravkoNathalie WalkerDaniel MilosovicPetar VulkovVixaya Vor’SpirranRenate VeilVance Astro • Jackal • ScarletTaur Gorgon
Drones: Loudmouth
Main Vessels: The MordredThe Guillotine
Smaller Craft: Gladiator-Class Fighter