Starpath: Journey Across the Galaxy is the first installment in the Starpath series. Initiated by Facepunch user Doomevil in March, 2015 under the original title "Spaceship Crew RP," Starpath is set in the 24th century, or more specifically, the year 2382.


The original logo, prior to the creation of the series name.

As of this writing, Doomevil is currently not only developing a standalone sequel named Crimson Incarnate, but running a separate spinoff named Imperial Frontiers.


In the year 2382, Harken Saw, a tycoon of business and manufacturing and the owner of the mega-conglomerate HarkArk Corporation, sends out a call for specialists in a variety of trades to staff the maiden voyage of a new class of freight vessel. Known as the Archius XI, the lightly-armed ship is tasked to transport a mysterious object known as "the Oracle" to Saw's headquarters at Termina Central. The seemingly-benign job comes with a strangely massive payout, and the crew quickly discovers the true significance of their payload and the consequences of their actions in a galaxy where a single change in the balance of power can set off a violent and irreversible domino effect.