Kalana Va'un is the sister of Vakarus Va'un and a respected Vakr priestess.

History Edit

The younger sister of Vakarus Va'un, Kalana followed her mother's footsteps and dedicated her life to become a priestess. Because of her powerful psionic abilities she quickly made a name for herself as being one of the most powerful psionic users to live.

Kalana use these powers for good, often travelling to remote Vakr villages and Gadr towns to offer healing and guidance through difficult times. If the Vakr had an equivalent for the word 'saint' Kalana would most certainly be one.

During the war with Gadrani, a conflict her brother instigated after their mother was killed, Kalana did her best to mitigate the damage by evacuating Gadr settlements in the way of Vakarus' army which resulted in less civilian casualties.

Following the war Kalana became a close friend with Lanassa Niv'an, the wife of her now exiled brother, and did her best to help Lanassa and her son Alaros. Through her powers Kalana was able of sparing Alaros from many dangers in life.

When Vakarus returned to Adanis with the help of the Ayr Yuga Shuur Kalana was relieved to see that he was still alive. Her brother explained the situation quickly before departing once more while promising that he would soon return.

Upon returning once more Vakarus shared with Kalana his vision of a united Adanis. Kalana immeadiately volunteered to help her brother, hoping that her good reputation would be enough of a balance for the Gadr to not turn down Vakarus right away.

Adanis Federation Edit

Kalana played an instrumental role in founding the Adanis Federation. Not only did she help Vakarus during his year of travelling but she was also a key advisor during the negotiations which followed the meeting. Currently she remains as a advisor while primaily still dedicating her life to helping others through her abilities.

Media Edit

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