Kara Locke is a former captain with the Upyri Federation Navy. She left the navy after feeling that a military life was "too dull". She founded the Novastar Queens with Linda Quinlan and Sarah Dominguez.

History Edit

Having joined the Upyri Federation Navy at a young age, Kara Locke rose through the ranks quickly which, alongside her Human name, made her stand out from the crowd. She eventually became a captain of a Ferrum-Class vessel and helped bring down dozens of pirate rings threatening the Upyri Federation.

However the longer she served the more bored she got. Locke eventually resigned in the hopes of finding something more exciting to do. Using her military training, she signed up with the Bounty Collection Bureau as bounty hunter.

During her third job she ended up on the dystopian world of Nyx, where she met Linda Quinlan and Sarah Dominguez. After realizing the potential of her newfound friends she proposed the idea of grouping together to work for the B.C.B..

On the way to their first assignment they met the infamous bounty hunter Iron and offered him a spot with the crew. Iron declined after a short conversation.

Equipment Edit

Raider Handguns Edit

Seized from a pirate warboss during Kara's time with the UF Navy, the raider handguns are burst-fire laser pistols with (albeit slowly) recharging batteries.

UFN Undersuit Edit

A modified and repainted Upyri Federation Navy undersuit, commonly worn by crews and officers onboard combat vessels.

Media Edit

Merc Kara Locke

Locke in her combat suit and wielding her signature guns.

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