Karl Falksköld is a famous hunter from Valhalla. He made a name for himself after he was the host for the Big Game Hunt: Extreme XL Edition holovid series where he was filmed tracking and hunting thousands of different animals (often dangerous ones) through near-suicidal climates.

After earning enough credits to keep him stocked for life Karl left showbiz behind to see more of the galaxy while tracing back to his roots as the lonewolf hunter he had used to be.

History Edit

Before being the host for BGH: EXLE, Karl was a lonewolf. He grew up as the youngest son with two older brothers in a small village on Valhalla. Like most of his people hunting was a critical part of life and by the age of five Karl had been taught by his parents how to track and kill most of the animals representing the bulk of Valhalla's local wildlife.

While a experienced tracker and hunter, Karl had an immense respect for all living beings and he never took a life unless he needed to. When he did kill an animal he made sure to use every bit of it as food or some other practical matter while also giving it a proper burial as a sign of respect.

Sadly these habits were somewhat lost when he became a holovid host as most viewers wanted adrenaline-fueling action and not "boring lessons about nature and stuff" as said by his director.

Nevetheless Karl used most of his fortune to fund various animal right activists and natural reserve groups as a way of repaying the debt.

Privately Karl enjoys drinking. Alot. Infact back in his hometown he used to participate in the drinking games between his friends and the local Khergians. His drinking score remains etched into the wall of the local tavern next to a photo of a drunk, yet happily smiling, Karl surrounded by cheering Khergians.

Aside from drinking Karl enjoys carving wooden figurines with his knife. These figurines often depict people from his past or particularly special animals which he hunted.

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