Karthoz is a Haalsian male and the leader of the Niraauz Order.

History Edit

Cold. Empty. Confused. That is what Karthoz felt when he woke up on The Unyielding Blade.

His only memory was his name. He had no purpose and he was surrounded by strangers.

Upon exploring their vessel a group of monks from the Niraauz Order had come across a single stasis pod hidden behind layers of metal and wiring.

There hadn't been an awakening for millenia and as such this sudden appearance of another frozen bretheren had been a great surprise.

Karthoz was embraced with open arms and soon it did not matter what he had forgotten. The Niraauz Order taught him everything and he swore to serve and protect the order untill the day he would die.

That was decades ago and now Karthoz is the teacher. Haalsian men from around the galaxy look towards the teachings of Niraauz for guidance. The Path of the Blade will not only guide them but also grant them balance.

For a long time Karthoz have seeked to find out the truth about the past of his people. When he became the swordmaster he realized that such fantasies were now within the grasp of reality.

Equipment Edit

Karthoz's Darkblade Edit

The darkblade of the swordmaster himself. This blade still looks like the simple but lethal blade Karthoz crafted decades ago when he took his oath however over the years he have personally reforged it, making it even deadlier.

Karthoz's Armor Edit

Traditional Haalsiani warrior armor crafted using the foundries onboard The Unyielding Blade. Decorated with oaths, prayers and the names of brothers lost throughout the years.

Media Edit

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