Kaspar Cross is a career soldier with the SDF and the current Lord General. Like his colleague and friend Viktor Zhaneys, Kaspar has climbed the ranks through exemplary service.

History Edit

Kaspar values his privacy above many things. When he showed up at a recruitment office for the now defunct UNGSI military there was not alot of information to work with.

Over the years however Kaspar has built up quite the reputation for himself and today his name is known throughout both the SDF and most halls of Sol government officials.

During the Unification he served as a marine sergeant and saw action primarily on Terra and Mars.

Following the Unification Kaspar continued to climb the ranks after several peacekeeping deployments on behalf of the UGC. Eventually his many years of experience earned him the rank of colonel and shortly after his promotion he was given command of a special SDF expeditionary force working closely with the SSOID.

Cross was present during the Battle of Zeruel where he commanded the SDF ground forces fighting alongside the Boome Marines and HarkArk.

Kaspar was promoted once again following Zeruel, this time to Lord General which put him in charge of all SDF Army and Marine forces.

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