Katarina Iso is a bounty hunter working with the Bounty Collection Bureau. She is rumored to be related to Tyr in some way.

History Edit

Katarina grew up in New Hague, capital of Novithus and was the youngest out of seven sisters. Because of her older sisters and her parents being constantly busy it was not unusual for Katarina to go completely unnoticed.

Working hard to earn some form of recognition from her parents Katarina aced most, if not all, classes in school and during her free time she was active in a local gravball team and trained martial arts.

Despite her hard work Katarina never did succeed with her goal and she realized that she needed to focus on what she wanted to in life rather than what could earn her attention.

She enlisted with the SDF Auxiliary Corps on Novithus and after two tours as a peacekeeper she eventually turned her eyes towards the private sector.

Katarina was eventually hired by the B.C.B and used her skills, training and other talents to work as a bounty hunter.

Equipment Edit

Iso Custom Edit

Custom-made plasma pistol. Lightweight, handcrafted and durable.

Halcón Rastreador Edit

Special-made tactical undersuit (and helmet) made by Halcón Defensa Militar. It includes light personal shields, an automatic medical treatment system and a holographic HUD with an advanced radar for tracking targets.

Media Edit