A relatively dry and rocky world, used as an Upyri fortress world on the edge of Upyri Federation space in the far west. The first line of defense against pirates and would-be aggressors from the Renegade Quadrant.

Climate Edit

Ker is primarily an arid world, dry and covered in mostly badlands and a few splotches of open desert. At the top and bottom of the planet are polar ice caps, where most of the water is trapped.

Infrastructure Edit

The planet is covered in military installations that are large enough to be basically considered cities unto themselves. There are also numerous factories, weapons testing sites, and planetary defense systems. The largest establishment is the military installation known simply as Moros, which serves as the planet's capital.

Notable Locations Edit

Upyri Federation Military Installation 'Moros' Edit

Moros is the largest city-base on the planet, and acts as the capital of Ker. Here, Ker's representative to the Council of Planetary Representatives resides, as well as most of its military leaders. It is protected by numerous battalions of troops as well as planetary defense weaponry.

Media Edit

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