General Ketri Biram is the current commander of the Upyri Federation Marine Corps.

History Edit

Ketri was born to a pair of officers of the Upyri Federation, during the reorganization of Ker's military after the Division War. Both were rather high ranking in the ground based military forces on Ker, and thus kept their ranks as they were moved into the Marine Corps of the Federation Military. This meant that Ketri was practically born into the Marines.

Both his parents were rather strict, drilling into him the importance of service and loyalty to Ker and to the new Federation. He was placed into a Military Academy as soon as he was old enough to start school, and grew into an intelligent but brash young man.

He was immediately placed into the Federation Marine Corps, at his parents wishes, and served aboard a new Ker-built Gladius-Class named the UFS Unremitting. He was placed in charge of the Marine detachment aboard the ship, where he would prove his leadership skills with brutal efficiency. As Ker was close to the Renegade quadrant of the galaxy, they dealt with pirate incursions across the border almost on a weekly basis. When the Unremitting wasn't willing to waste ammunition on enemy ships, or the pirate vessel surrendered, the Marines were sent over via boarding craft to take the pirates into custody. Or kill them. Ketri lead his men on countless missions to deal with these pirates, with remarkable results.

Command then decided to offer Ketri the chance to lead missions into Renegade Quadrant territory, on exploration missions or expeditionary operations to destroy pirate strongholds that were close to Upyri space. Ketri accepted without hesitation, and was promoted to the rank of Major. He prove his skill in battle as well as his sheer determination and brutality during these operations. The Marines were impressed with him, while the Navy seemed to be disturbed by his methods in the elimination of pirates. This didn't affect his rise through the ranks to Colonel, though.

Eventually, the head of the Marine Corps retired, and a new General was needed to take his place. Tirell Metais chose Ketri, after examining his background and witnessing just how much the Marine Corps revered him. A perfect fit for the position, even if he was unorthodox. Ketri accepted, and was named General of the Marine Corps in 2367.

The Council of Planetary Representatives tends to dislike Ketri's style of leadership, but it does give remarkable results, which is why Tirell continues to use Ketri as an advisor in some situations.

Personality Edit

To sum it up rather well, Ketri is a hard and brutal man. His parents, the military academy he attended, and general life on Ker/in the Marines has made him this way. As it has almost all Upyri that have come from Ker (as it is strictly a military focused world.)
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