A Khergian company focusing on the manufacturing of tools, ships and other equipment used for industrial construction.

They are known across the galaxy for making "stuff that doesn't break" as said by their founder and executive, Zar Tarqas.

History Edit

Founded by Zar Tarqas in 2309, Tarqas grew up in the outskirts of a small village on his own. His family name had no value as clan Tarqas had almost perished entirely during the Siege of Rigel in 2031. His ancestors formed a long line of poor, but proud, khegrians who had made the best out of the situation.

With no family left alive and a strong desire to restore glory to his family name Zar began as a apprentice at a local metalwork plant where he was mentored by Gaurik Khrosus, the owner, which eventually turned Tarqas into an expert in industrial construction.

Right before Gaurik passed away due to old age he shared with Tarqas his grandfather's vision of turning the old metalwork into a larger business known throughout the galaxy. With his mentor's dying wish echoing throughout his mind Zar spent nearly every hour of every day at the plant where he worked harder than ever while also coming up with a plan.

Eventually his plan was set in motion, using his hard-earned credits Zar bought up another metalwork plant and another one after that. Eventually he had bought up nearly a third of all metalwork and construction facilities on Rigel and turned the business into a corporation.

This corporation he named not only after his own family, but after his mentor. Thus Khrosus Industrial Construction was born.

Products Edit

KIC are renowned for their heavy-duty industrial vehicles, ships and equipment. Most of the products sold were designed either by Zar himself or his mentor, Gaurik. Despite the company's roots, industrial metalwork only makes up roughly fifteen percent of Khrosus' products as the company earn millions by selling equipment used in industrial work.

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