Colonel Killian Horner is a former SDF Orbital Marine Shocktrooper who earned his rank due to his outstanding work during the Sol Unification.

He is currently leading the SSOID's Devil Squad program with the help of Paxton Smith and Emile Gerrera.

History Edit

Horner grew up in Scotland at his parent's farm. Being the only child, Horner spent more time on his family's farm than in school. Despite this he eventually graduated from school and continued to help his family.

Enlisting with the SDF during the Sol Unification, SDF officers quickly noted Horner's ability to stay cool under pressure while also being an exemplary leader for his squad during basic training.

He was promoted to captain and sent off to become one of the first orbital marine shocktroopers, soldiers deployed to the battlefield using five-man pods launched from ships in low-orbit.

During OMS training Horner met Emile Gerrera, a tank of a man. The two soldiers quickly became friends and formed a special bond where Horner was the brain and the strategist while Gerrera became the muscle and the sword.

As the SDF secured Terra and Luna the military turned its eyes towards Mars which was still full of deeply entrenched anti-Sol groups resisting the laws of the Sol System Government. Unlike Luna the settlements on the red planet were not shielded by massive domes nor did the planet lack a atmosphere thanks to terraforming efforts, something the SDF could use to its advantage.

The SDF quickly devised a plan for an aggressive shock & awe campaign, a campaign which would be led by Horner, Gerrera and the other thousands of OMS soldiers.

When the time came the SDF attacked with all its force, orbital bombardments covered the steel rain of OMS pods. However, despite the initial advantage fighting on the ground quickly turned into a brief last stand where OMS squads fought down to the last bullet so that SDF marines could land.

During the sixth hour of fighting Horner and Gerrera were both struck by a stray rocket fired from a Divinity Creed militant. Horner lost his left arm and Gerrera suffered third-degree burn injuries. Despite their injuries the two soldiers fought on as they could not afford to leave their squad without a leader. Ten minutes later the second wave of OMS soldiers landed and shortly after that a beachhead on Mars had been secured.

After being treated by medics Horner and Gerrera rejoined the fighting untill the very end of the Unification. Following the Unification Horner was promoted to the rank of colonel and assigned to be one of the SDF officers responsible for the SDF forces on Mars.

Devil Squad Edit

While working on several military contingency plans Horner created a rough draft for extreme, last resort, assault team comprised entirely of convicts from Titan. This plan operated under the assumption that the psychotic convicts would work with the SDF to repel attackers in order to protect their home or families.

Of course when Horner presented this plan to a group of officers they quickly dismissed it, untill the USR delcared war on Sol.

When the Sol-USR conflict entered its third year Horner visited the SSOID HQ in Terranos and presented his plan, the Devil Squad Program, once more to director Williams himself.

The program was approved.

Media Edit

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