The Krogir Federation is a small fascist empire located deep in the north-western quadrant. The federation represents the governments of Krogir Primaris, Krogir Secundus and Krogir Tertius.

History Edit

Founded in 2231, the Krogir Federation was the response to growing criminality, corruption and piracy around the northwestern quadrant.

After living as second-class citizens serving their warring pirate overlords as labor the Krogi nroke the chains of oppression during a massive uprising led by Dur Rawaz, a personal aide of one of the pirate warlords.

Using stolen weapons and other militray equipment the Krogi overthrew the pirates using extreme force. The pirates who did not escape the Krogi homeworld ended up being executed and strung up on the walls of the massive palace used as the seat of ruling.

Having earned their freedom the Krogi formed the Krogir Federation, a fascist military junta which is extremely hostile to outsiders. Travelling merchants are recommended to steer clear of Krogir Primaris simply because the fleets guarding the planet often open fire without attempting dialogue.

The Krogir Federation argues that they must retain their constant vigilance as to prevent the corruption of pirates from retaking the planet.

Culture Edit

Militaristic and highly disciplined, the average Krogi work hard to fullfill their part towards the Federation and its people. Anyone who is not working hard to provide, lead or protect the Federation is a liability and will be forced into slave labor.

Weakness is not tolerated and most Krogi are very cold and calculating.

Media Edit

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