Krogir is an arid planet situated in the northwestern quadrant. It is the home of Krogir Federation.

Climate Edit

The climate of Krogir Primaris is very warm during the days however the temperature often drop to milder levels during nighttime. There are pockets of temperate forests however most of the planet is covered by a planetwide desert.

Krogir Primaris has no ocean and water can instead be found in subterranean cavesystems.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Krogir Primaris are widespread and organized into industrial, mining and commercial zones linked to residential areas. Everything is organized down to the last detail, the exact opposite of the state the planet was in during it's pirate leadership.

Notable Locations Edit

Hyrax Military HQ Edit

The headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Krogir Federation is a massive fortress situated at the very heart of the capital city Hyrax. The Hyrax HQ also doubles as home to the Krogir Federation Council.

Old Krogir Edit

'Old Krogir' is the name of the former capital city which was turned to ruins when the Krogi broke free from their pirate rulers. Today the ruins remain as a memory of far the Krogi have come.

Old Krogir is locked down and no one but the highest government officials may gain access to the area.

Media Edit


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