Lanassa Niv'an is a priestess with House Niv'an. She was well-known for her beauty (by Vakr standards). Lanassa is also a respected warrior amongst her people. She is the wife of Vakarus Va'un.

History Edit

Because of the wealth of House Niv'an, despite its smaller size, Lanassa has been given alot of freedom in life and during her early years she trained hard in traditional Vakr martial arts while also studying literature written by the Gadr.

Her focused psionic powers made her suitable for the role as priestess, a title and profession that brings great honor to ones House.

Lanassa was present at Vakarus' Ratik Valaan (Rite of Light), a ceremony which marks the day a Vakr become a full-fledged member of the Vakrosian people.

This ceremony also served as the first of many meetings between Lanassa and Vakarus, with the latter expressing a romantic interest. After courting her intensively Lanassa ultimately offered her hand to Vakarus and the two married.

However this marriage was put on hold after Vakarus' mother, Navala Va'un, was killed by Gadr bandits roaming the border between the two nations of Adanis.

Lanassa watched on with doubt and sadness as her husband acted out of rage and rallied the warriors of Vakrosia in a bloody campaign which claimed the lives of far too many innocent Gadr.

A messenger later returned, informing Lanassa that Vakarus had been forced into exile by the Ayr Empire. Cursing Vakarus for acting without thought she was left to raise her son alone untill Vakarus's sister, Kalana Va'un, stepped in to help.

For several years Lanassa raised Alaros, her son, on her own with some help from Kalana and House Niv'an. Suddenly Vakarus returned one night, brought to Adanis by an impressive Ayr vessel. He had changed and was full of regret for the things that had happened.

For Lanassa and Vakarus it was a brief moment of joy where the former got to meet his child for the first time. Vakarus explained as much as he could before gathering some of the best warriors of Vakrosia still loyal to his name. After that he departed once but this time with a promise of returning.

And so he did. Vakarus finally returned to Adanis a short time later. For good. He was scarred the joy and love he felt after seeing Lanassa and Alaros once more was enough to heal him.

Adanis Federation Edit

After Vakarus founded the Adanis Federation and was appointed Atvarak (Emperor) by the people of Adanis as a whole Lanassa remained by his side faithfully. The two Vakr raise their son at the same time as they build a new nation for all Vakr and Gadr to embrace.

Media Edit

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