Legkiy (meaning 'Light' in Russian) is a former Sol system colony turned independent.

It was originally settled by Russians and other citizens hailing from Eastern Europe on Terra however after colonial prospectors found massive deposits of rare earth minerals a intense race begun where the winner would control the planet and the resources with it.

In 2360 a war broke out after the planetary government split in two, this became known as the Legkiy Independence War.

Today the planet remains mostly independent with no real government to speak of. Local laws are enforced by the Legkiy Planetary Militia who shoot first and ask questions later.

Despite its independence the planet is more or less controlled by the Red Corsairs who use local businesses to fund their own organization.

Climate Edit

The climate of Legkiy is primarily arid with some desert elements. Harsh weather combined with unforgivable terrain makes the planet hostile against other lifeforms.

Infrastructure Edit

Aside from the hundreds of mining corporations and less reputable arms manufacturers the local infrastructure is relatively sparse.

Alot of Legkiyans make a profit on bars, restaurants and hotels as the planet is generally regarded as a hub for outsiders, independent bounty hunters, mercenaries, pirates and criminals.

Notable Locations Edit

Glavnaya Edit

The capital of Legkiy, Glavnaya means 'Home' and is a sprawling city protected by the natural rock formations which surrounds it. During the war this city was a chaotic battlefield almost brought to ruin however since the war ended the locals have managed to restore the city back to its former glory.

Today Glavnaya is often referred to as the 'Capital of Greed'.

Crimson Fields Edit

Named to honor the Crimson Raiders, who helped the Legkiy Separatist Militia secure several decisive victories against the SDF, the Crimson Fields is a large steppe filled with the decaying wreckages of several SDF, loyalist, separatist and Red Corsair ships which fell during the final battle.

Because of the decaying metal littering the area rust particles have colored the sand red.

Media Edit


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