The Legkiy Planetary Militia, often referred to as the 'LPM' for short, is a small military force operating on the planet of Legkiy. It is responsible for enforcing local laws, arresting (or shooting) criminal offenders that do not respect the local laws as well as general planetary defense.

While some of its members are slightly corrupt the LPM functions well most of the time, often because of its charismatic captain.

History Edit

Founded in 2365 the LPM was the response to a local demand of increased security. While many less reputable individuals praised Legkiy for its independence from laws established by the UGC (and Sol) it was clear that the slowly increasing criminality was eventually going to take a toll on local companies.

And so it did. Mining companies were forced to halt all operations after multiple gangs rivaling eachother continued to sabotage for them. Gunstores were closed as lowlife scum used cheap guns as a "five minute solution" for killing someone, sometimes during daytime.

The situation was quickly deterioating untill the new Legkiy government approved the creation of the LPM. Half of the LPMs founding members were pardoned loyalists, ensuring quick and decisive justice aganinst pirates or other renegades stretching or outright ignoring the local laws.

With the LPM in place Legkiy became a true neutral zone. Criminals and pirates still roam about but so does bounty hunters, mercenaries and even one or two diplomats seeking even ground.

Media Edit

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