Linda Drakhjelm is a member of the Red Corsairs and the daughter of Anja Drakhjelm, the leader of the Crimson Raiders.

History Edit

Linda's childhood was relatively calm and actually not half bad for a pirate. The Red Corsairs have a strict code which they follow and treating children with respect was part of that.

Aside from her mother Anja (a personal idol for Linda), Linda grew up with at least twenty other "parents" as the other members of the Crimson Raiders and other Red Corsairs helped raise Linda.

Linda was trained, educated and groomed into becoming not only a pirate but someone who could survive on their own. While Anja would of course prefer that her daughter would follow in her footsteps she knew that she couldn't force Linda to live as a pirate.

On a personal note Linda is still on the fence wether or not she'll join the Crmson Raiders or seek out her own dreams far away from Legkiy.

Equipment Edit

Linda's Armor Edit

Custom-made armor designed by Red Corsair armor smiths, Linda's armor is of a more refined design on par with the military armor worn by the Crmson Raiders.

Dragon Mk.7 Edit

A rapid-firing railgun capable of tearing through armor with ease, the Dragon is Linda's signature weapon.

Media Edit