Linda Quinlan is the daughter of a unknown Upyri woman and SDF navy admiral Eric Quinlan, captain of the SNV Terra. Linda is a renowned cybernetics expert and a member of the Novastar Queens.

History Edit

Linda never got to know her mother. According to her father she was a beautiful Upyri woman from the higher class, he often describe her as looking "like a goddess".

Apparently her parents had met on Hemera, the Upyri capital world, during some military meeting between SDF and Upyri Federation Navy officers discussing anti-piracy operations.

There are times when Linda wish that her mother was still alive, especially during her childhood when her father was busy with military matters.

Nonetheless her father provided her with the best education available and Linda soon became an expert with cybernetics and robotics. She created a plethora of robotic companions and cybernetic gadgets to help her on a daily basis.

In 2381 she was on Nyx looking for clues regarding her past and ended up inside some rundown bar where she met Kara Locke and Sarah Dominguez, leading to her co-founding the Novastar Queens.

Equipment Edit

Mirage Suit Edit

A gift from her father, the Mirage Suit was part of a abandoned SDF navy project aiming to provide naval forces with a multirole undersuit worn underneath composite armor. Even though the project was abandoned and, presumably, turned over to the SSOID, it didn't stop admiral Quinlan from getting his hand on the Mirage Suit which was refitted with a cloaking system.

Hydra Rig Edit

Built by Linda, the Hydra Rig is connected to the operator's neural cortex through a series of spinal hooks. While connected the rig allows Linda to engage multiple targets in close range to a devastating effect.

Media Edit

Merc Linda Quinlan

Linda in her light combat armor with a robotic rig on her back.

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