Commander Leon Eastlindth was the name of a decorated SSFD soldier who was mortally wounded during a operation against a group of anti-Sol fanatics.

As a result of the injuries sustained, Eastlindth was declared KIA, however in truth, he had undergone a highly experimental procedure which transferred his mind over to a robotic body, now named Lion.

Haunted by his past memories, including the death of his childhood friend Victor Reed, Lion went off the grid to work as a bodyguard and a bouncer until he was recruited by HarkArk for the Archius mission where he worked as the onboard weaponsmith and armorer.

History Edit

Leon grew up with his mother and father in a suburban zone within a UNGSI military base. Hailing from a long line of career soldiers Leon was influenced by his parents and his grandfather, all UNGSI peacekeepers, to pursue a military career of his own.

When the Unification War started Leon and his best friend Victor both enlisted with the SDF to fight against the militant fanatics threatening their home.

Following the Unification Leon and Victor were both admitted into the SSFD and served for many years.

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