The Local Accord is the bureaucratic Department of the Crimus that oversees the civilian population, having access to billions of personal accounts and data regarding civil activity. Other Departments view the Accord as inefficient, viewing them little more than post office workers in a large role.

History Edit

The Local Accord was established in 2270, created to archive the citizen population and record commerce accounts. The Local Accord serves the average citizen and gives them the necessary mandatory documents to attain Crimus citizenship. Agents of the Accord are trained to assist with the public in their daily lives from providing IDs, a license to operate a shuttle car, and towards financial aid. Overall, the Accord are tasked with helping the public directly.

Internal Function Edit

The Accord is comprised of a vast body of bureaucrats as each office upon office is mandated by an Overseer. Overseers handle their workers through strict protocol. Should a worker fail to deliver the raised bar an overseer may report their actions to a superior, filing for inadequate work efficiency.

Departments and Organizations within the Crimus

Emperium: Crimson BrigadeCrimson EliteVolunteer FrontRau ArmadaDefensive Lance
Astro Concord: Merchant MarinesCivil Servant
Local Accord: Civilian Administration (Welfare SupplyEducation CodexCurative CenterCounter Criminal AuthorityHousing and Citizenship Agency) • SYN Oculus
Engineering Amendment: Heria Engineering AssemblyScience InstituteSynergy OptimalMechanian FacultyGenesis Nova (Vat Assembly)
Arbitrate Commission
Para Skull
Races: HumansKercanSeltra
Cultures: Syncs
Vehicles: Daedalus
Technology: CyberneticaDynamo Joe/Jane SeriesUnderdome
Battles: Battle of ZeruelKohan Conflict
Notable Members: Auditor MariahlusIncarnateDaud MiltonMistel Hale

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