Lord Vexar Sword is the last surviving member of House Sword and the leader of the Fists of Sol.

He is currently leading the Fists, as well as dozens of other anti-Sol groups through the United Sol Resistance, from the world of Nuroq.

History Edit

The history of house Sword is not a happy one as it is filled with sorrow, anger and betrayal.

During WW3, house Sword owned a large arms manufacturer, Sword Arms Inc., which supplied all three sides in the conflict with weapons. As the majority of humans on Earth either lived in poverty or at the frontlines the Sword family still possessed vast wealth.

This all changed post-WW3 when most private weapon manufacturers, including Sword Arms Inc., were dismantled. This however was only the first blow to the Sword family, one which made them taste poverty themselves for the very first time.

Skip ahead to the Sol Unification and the Sword family saw an opportunity to rise in power. Their company was allowed to re-open and soon they began supplying weapons to the newly-formed SDF.

The problem? Just like they did during WW3, the Sword family hoped to maximize profit by selling weapons to both sides. When militant groups on Luna started to utilize advanced ground-to-air missile systems and prototype railguns it didn't take much time untill the SDF realized what was going on.

Vexar's father was executed for his treason amidst the chaos of the Unification and his name lost all its weight as his death was hastily scribbled down onto some random SDF report listing killed insurgents. His family were banished and Vexar was forced to step up should his family hope to survive out in the fringes.

Eventually Vexar's mother also passed away, leaving him alone on the alien world of Nuroq. With nothing to lose Vexar began to plan for the future. Several years later and the foundation for what would later become the Fists of Sol was in place. Others who had fled Sol had found their way to Nuroq and using his natural charisma and the ability to get people fired up, Vexar created one of Sol's greatest threats in the shadows.

Media Edit

Fists of Sol Vexar Sword

Vexar in his armor.