Commonly known simply as the Moon, Luna is a large celestial body orbiting Terra (Earth).

Climate Edit

Barren and rocky Luna also has much weaker gravity than Terra. The citizens of Luna survive by living in massive dome cities and underground complexes connected by roads, tunnels and a maglev train network.

Infrastructure Edit

Despite being restricted to living inside large domes the people of Luna have developed a impressive amount of infrastructure ranging from agricultural farms, orbital shipyards and undergorund mines.

Notable Locations Edit

Horizon Edit

Capital of Luna, Horizon spans across a dozen domes of varying sizes connected with eachother through a massive network of tunnels. Horizon also houses the largest spaceport on Luna.

Sol Museum of Aerospace Exploration & Science Edit

Situated in Horizon, the Sol Museum of Aerospace and Exploration was built to honor those who played a key role in aerospace science and exploration. Visitors are able to try on ancient cosmonaut replica suits worn by the first man in space, Jurij Gagarin, while also having the chance to create their own footprints like astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

Ontop of that visitors are get the chance to play through simulations where they operate NASA drones on Mars, land ESA probes on a passing asteroid or performing the daring act of landing a SpaceX supply rocket onboard a waterborne barge.

Sol Material Works HQ Edit

The SMW HQ is present in Horizon alongside several major manufacturing and research facilities. SMW shipyards also orbit Luna.

Media Edit

Lunar Dome

A citydome on Luna.


A Sol Material Works cargo truck.

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