The Luomi-Asano Apparel Company is a corporation founded by a pair of Upyri and Ayr women on the small moon of Aglaea. Their main production items are various lines of clothing for civilians of choice taste. Their clothing lines are extremely popular in various territories and empires (especially on the nearby planet of Trixina), as it caters to a wide variety of species and body types. They also produce specialized lines of body armor for various militaries and mercenary groups.

History Edit

The Luomi-Asano Apparel Company originally was two separate entities known as Luomi Outfitting and Asano Fashion Company. Luomi Outfitting was popular in the Central Southern and Southeastern portion of the galaxy (in the Upyri Federation and in Sol space), while Asano was surging in popularity in the Eastern and Northeastern Quadrants with the Kanads and Ayr.

Early in 2345, Arayu Luomi and Ikumi Asano, the heads of their individual corporations, got together on Trixina for a private meeting. Supposedly during that meeting, they hit it off and became close friends. They continued to meet and talk over the years, eventually conversing on a possible merge between the two companies. Both brought different things to the table: Luomi brought well made clothing and armor to the table, while Asano brought in the high fashion and extravagant designs that were all the rage in the clothing industry. It'd also open up Asano to the Sol and Upyri markets, while Luomi would be opened up to Ayr and Kanad space. They finally agreed in 2349, and the following year the two companies fused and became Luomi-Asano Apparel Company.

Products Edit

Their products are various lines of clothing for virtually everyone, as well as forms of body armor. The lines range from simple civilian clothing and work clothing (made to last), to tailored suits and high fashion outfits/dresses. Their armors are super durable, built to withstand intense punishment without cracking or shattering.

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