Since 1800 as Humanity began to reach out to it's shores through Empires and Nations. Another race similar to the Human Race approached, igniting cultural progress. The foundation was laid, a new state was born as the Malmar Caste.

Malmarians are a race nearly depicted like Humans, however, their pale characteristics and black blood gives away the illusion of an ordinary Human.

Physiology Edit

Through a study of Malmarians, the average person develops a enhanced form of sensory processing which far exceeds the average state of senses. This ability gives Malmarians a more natural adaptation to their environment, able to detect the presence of a nearby lifeform, sound, or in advanced cases, see through the dark.

The lifespan of a Malmarian ranges in the hundreds, being able to lavish in their life without the risks of major age related disease or gene deterioration until the third phase hits. With this advantage it won't be for a very long time for the Venette Count, the ruling family of the Monarchy to ever relinquish rulership of Malmar. As a species, Malmarians thrive in high culture, experiencing what may amount to articulation in the arts and culture. Even the lowest class are able to express high amount of knowledge for creativity and innovation. This brings in some speculation that the Malmarians' desire for creative impulse may have lend a hand in accelerating cultural progress within Malmar.

Malmarians, although bearing a resemblance to Humans, are different in terms of mechanisms. A Malmarian circulation system flows much more faster than an average Human, channeling the flow of blood, causing a faster regenerative process. However, Malmarians aren't able to develop as much muscle fiber nor attain much mass than an average Human. As a result, they lack the exceptional physical strength in comparison to more suitable races such as Kercans or Kherigans.

History Edit

Malmarians traced back to the early 1800s in Sol years, where rumors of a classical society roamed and expanded their territory among a single planet. Soon enough, the Malmarians started to explore orbit, using their steam-based spacecraft in order to secure their frontiers before anyone else could. Eventually, Malmarian met up with Earth, observing them with close eyes but not bothering to do anything at this point in time. The Malmarian expeditions moved on.

Once the Malmarian expedition traveled far enough in space, they were soon met with UGC peacekeepers. The Peacemakers discussed the state of the current Milky Way and offered the Malmarians a UGC membership to encourage cooperation. The Malmarians, with a deal like that accepted.

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