Mars houses the second largest population within the Sol system. It has a vast mining industry and is also the home for a large portion of SDF forces.

Climate Edit

The surface of Mars is mostly covered in wide deserts and rocky arid regions. However there are also several large regions with a much more temperate climate capable of sustaining fauna and, in some cases, even oceanic areas.

Mars Terraforming Edit

During the year of 2200 efforts to terraform Mars had just finished after some of the Sol system's brighest minds had managed to create a artificial atmosphere. Large heavy-duty oxygen generators were installed across the surface while water was moved to the surface and trees were planted.

The year of 2270 marks the year when Mars became fully self-sufficient in its ability to function as a habitable planet.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Mars focuses on mining, material refining and agriculture. The classic "Mars spud" is one of many locally produced products which is enjoyed throughout the entire Sol system.

NewGen Technological Solutions has one of their corporate offices on Mars.

Notable Locations Edit

Krása Edit

The capital of Mars, Krása means 'beautiful' in czech, a homage to some of the first colonists on Mars who were from the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia and Germany.

Dust Edit

A large mining community and home to the Dust Army Base. In 2385 one of the refineries was subject to a daring raid carried out by Lunar Children militants which served as a distraction for when a second, smaller, team hacked a nearby Sol News Network relay.

Valley of Heroes Edit

A monument considered holy everyone who lives in Sol, the Valley of Heroes memorial consists of over several thousands of specially-made statues depicting every SDF serviceman and women who had died in military service dating back to the Sol Unification.

It is highly revered by all citizens and the people of Mars are proud to have served as its caretakers ever since the memorial was first constructed.

Over the years new additions have slowly been made, most notably is the smaller and separate monument on a nearby hill honoring fallen soldiers and mercenaries who died fighting alongside SDF forces during the Battle of Zeruel.

Media Edit

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