Rear Admiral Marus Vira is the Director of the Upyri Federation Navy's intelligence branch known as the Office of Naval Intelligence (or ONI for short.)

History Edit

Marus was born into an aristocratic, upper class lifestyle. His mother died early in his life, due mainly to complications from childbirth. His father, already a playboy even before Marus' mother's death, didn't waste time moving along with his life. Marus was educated at the best schools on Nyx, and grew into a suave and sophisticated young socialite. But unlike his father, he wanted a bit more to life than a lifestyle of money and chasing women around.

He enrolled in the military academy on Hemera, and joined the ranks of the Federation Navy. He seemed to excel as an officer, eventually moving all the way up to the position of Rear Admiral. What he excelled at even more, though, was in intelligence. He had a knack for gathering intelligence on enemies and allies alike, which caught the eye of Grand Admiral Tirell Metais.

After the former director of the Office of Naval Intelligence passed away, Tirell named Marus the new director in his place. Marus accepted the position gladly, and now oversees intelligence gathering operations as well as espionage and 'black' operations.

Personality Edit

Much like his father before him, Marus is a rather smooth and dashing rogue. A pleasure seeker, alcoholic, avid fan of smoking fine cigars/cigarettes, and a fan of sleek (and fast) starships.
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