Mattheus Badaloni is a engineer and a member of the Terika-Belladonna company.

History Edit

Mattheus was born off-world on a planet called Germania. His family had the chance to move back to Terra, and he grew up in what you could call less than fortunate circumstances. His parents used the majority of their savings to get to Terra, and as a result, they had to scrap by any way they could. This taught Mattheus early on how to fend for himself, and how to make opportunities out of any situation.

When he was in school, though not often, he was always top of his class in science, math, and engineering courses. At the age of 18, he set out on a freighter, looking for greater schools to continue his studies, armed with a cheap kinetic blaster and a backpack full of books. He traveled planet to planet, taking in as much knowledge as he possibly could with what little money he had on him. He quickly developed his engineering and problem solving skills through odd-jobs and figured out that propulsion and repair work were his specialties.

In 2385, he found himself on Virtue, a little shithole in the middle of nowhere. He just finished a freighter job that required him to keep the refrigeration units up for the entire trip as they were prone to fail every week during the trip. He spent his off-time, like he often does, trying to put together some of his studies. This particular job he began noticing similarities in engine designs and theory. He felt like he was onto something big and was ready to head out into the galaxy to uncover the next big scientific advancement.

That endeavor, of course, landed him on the Muramasa, a ship owned by the Terika-Belladonna Company, and all the adventures that came with it. Later on, he was transferred to the Aurikha carrier for further training and engineering work. Having spent a little more than a month aboard the carrier, he now felt ready to take on more responsibility and to mark his point in history. With the thoughts of scientific greatness pounding in his head, he headed to the bridge of the ship ready to take on whatever trials came his way.

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Mattheus can often be found in the engineering sector of the carrier working on research or repairs.

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