Maya Eri is a known civil rights activist from Sol as well as a member of the Sol Council.

She leads a movement which intends to remove the ban on religion, hoping that it will be enough to end the acts of terror carried out by anti-Sol fanatics.

History Edit

Maya was eleven years old when rag-tag militants and heavily armored SDF marines began to duke it out in the Martian capital of Krása. She lost both of her parents due to the Unification conflict, not to mention friends and neighbours who weren't lucky enough to escape the crossfire.

After witnessing the horrors of war firsthand Maya grew up to become a highly politically involved woman fighting to improve civil rights for all Sol citizens.

One of her primary objectives is to remove the ban on religion which, according to her, have caused too much unneccessary killing to warrant for it to stay in place.

While this has made her a target for heavy critique throughout the years lately more and more citizens have begun to support her cause because of the Sol-USR conflict.

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