Amir "Moloch" Nasrallah is the unofficial current leader of the Children of God cult, as well as its surgeon general.

History Edit

Moloch is one of many artisynth created by Omnitech during the 80s as part of a program to create living mannequins to be used in experiments as well as construction drones. A very odd man, Moloch used to be a support gunner as well as a field medic during CoG's early years. His support role came to an abrupt halt after an armament dispute between him and his friend, Chemosh. With his only other duty being that of a medic, he began to allocate his time in perfecting his craft all the way until he became CoG's head surgeon, operating on both humans and artisynth in a hospital CoG used as a front for their various schemes.

He became the unofficial leader of the Children of God after Chemosh disappeared during the final days of the Artisynth War. With him being the oldest out of the survivors, it was decided between the ayatollahs that he would rule until or if Chemosh ever came back.

It wasn't until much later did Moloch find a fellow artisynth far away from their territory in the galaxy. During the Muramasa's mission on Voyak, Moloch witnessed Frosty flying around the toxic clouds and saw him crash. Frosty's body was taken by Moloch where he proceeded to heal his body until he was interrupted by the Muramasa crew. With János convincing Moloch to speak to then-Captain Yuga, he was given possession of Frosty's unconscious body and possessions, taking him to the new Artisynth homeworld of Karbala.

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