NEUV is a company who primarily develop and sell innovative vehicles for industrial use. Even though they are competitors with Khrosus both companies maintain a friendly relation and most of their products work well in conjunction with eachother.

History Edit

Founded by japanese and danish engineers Hiro Nagata and Karin Ericsen, NEUV started off as a small business who specialized in modernizing construction vehicles such as diggers, dumptrucks, etc. to meet modern standards.

Working closely in their Sapporo-based workshop the couple fell in love, both with eachother and their work which only inspired them further. Working hard for several years NEUV eventually grew into a multi-national company with a corporate office in Copenhagen.

Following the Sol Unification NEUV was provided with additional funding from the Sol System Government due to them being one of the premier construction companies on Terra. With new funding NEUV further expanded and begun to manufacture millions of industrial vehicles still in use throughout the system today.

In 2372 Hiro and Karin retired, letting their son Henrik take over as CEO of NEUV.

Products Edit

Gravtrucks Edit

Iconic NEUV trucks which utilize anti-gravity propulsion for better handling in rough terrain. These trucks come in dozens of variations including variants for transporting cargo, goods, raw materials etc.

Utility Transports Edit

Wheeled transports with modular parts allowing for greater freedom of customization. Agile suspensions, reinforced chassis and a light machinegun for self-defense allows these trucks to carry out long-range transports even in the worst climates.

SUVs Edit

NEUV have a small range of suburban SUVs.

Media Edit

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