The Namur are a young race of feline humanoids, hailing from the jungle world of Raiona. Strong, nimble and calculating they are prominently employed by pirate bands in the Quadrant.

Physiology Edit

The Namur appearance is usually described as a mix between a Terran Human and a cat. they have a fur coat and hair on the top of their heads. The female fur is usually lean and smooth, whilst the males coat is more dense and coarse. Pelt colors vary on regional levels, but the tiger like patterns do not change. The pelt colors occur in black, orange, brown, grey and white and in very rare cases blue.

The males average height is 230 cm (7'5'') whilst the female grow to an average height of 189 (6'2"), although the males are often hunched due to their muscle mass. The Namur have sharp fangs and retractable claws in their finger and toes. Their feet are more hand-like, an evolutionary trait that helps them move and maneuver with more precision than a human would. The male possess greater physical strength than their female counterparts, but the female is often more agile and dexterous.

The average lifespan for Namur is around 40 years. They reach maturity incredibly fast, after just about 2 years. They are usually healthy and fit up until 35 when their health rabidly deteriorate. The Namur is plagued by a bad genetic strand, making them susceptible to a crippling bone disease.

History Edit

The Race was discovered in 1986 by Upyri Explorers. The Namur society was tribal and the tribes were very territorial. The Upyri set up a colony on Raiona and began teaching the Namur about the galaxy and modern technology. The Namur learned quickly and started going on a pilgrimage at the age of 10, journeying out into the galaxy and exploring.

Over the years, the colony was slowly taken over by corrupt Upyri officials, which made the way for the pirates to establish a safe haven. The Namur weren't too bothered by this change as they were naturally strong, agile and cunning, and with the Upyri's education about modern technology they were the perfect pirates. The Namur were both physically and culturally suited to become pirates, since their tribal culture promoted tribal unity and strength. The pilgrimage changed to a test of adulthood where a Namur journeys out to become part of a pirate crew. Most notably in this regard was Saral Kromm who founded the Kromm Armada.


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