A Human-Kanad corporation, NewGen Technological Solutions was founded by billionaires Felix Harrison and Wyak Sidikan with the vision of creating high-quality internal components used in everything between personal communicators to battleship railguns.

The company is unique in the matter that it is currenlty the only Sol-based corporation owned by a Kanad citizen and vice-versa.

NewGen have two headquarters which handle administration & trade (Krása) and research & development (Kanadys).

 History Edit

NewGen was founded after a corporate fairs convention on Germania when Felix Harrison & Wyak Sidikan shared their ideas and vision after some drinks. Realizing that they both had met their equal Felix and Wyak decided to fund eachother creating New Solutions Inc. (Felix) and General Tech Corp. (Wyak) which eventually merged into NewGen after intensive negotiations and arrangements with the governments of Sol and the Kanad Collective.

To this day NewGen remains the premier leader in research, devlopment and export of high-quality technological components.

Products Edit

NewGen's products are often smaller chips, proccessing boards, holographic projectors, etc. but also include much larger components such as cooling cells, targeting computers and more.

It was estimated by the UGC in 2370 that eightynine percent of all citizens (within UGC space) own or use regularly at least five devices which contain some type of NewGen component.

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