The Niraauz Order is a group of nomadic Haalsiani warrior-monks. They reside in their flying temple, The Unyielding Blade, which is a vessel of unknown design.

Because of their mastery using bladed weapons monks of the Niraauz orders are sometimes hired as mercenaries.

History Edit

Like all Haalsiani the history of the Niraauz Order remains a mystery. It is believed, both by the Haalsiani themselves and outsiders alike, that vessels such as The Unyielding Blade once carried the Haalsiani people across the stars untill they reached the Milky Way galaxy where they set down.

However, because no historic records exist that could shed light on their ancient history such thoughts will remain as fantasies.

With a heavy emphasis on combat and personal balance the monks of Niraauz follow the guidelines etched into a great wall onboard their ship which is thought to have been written millenia ago. It is not known if the author, Niraauz, was a warrior or a group of Haalsiani.

Despite this the monks follow these guidelines and remember each and every phrase of them. They are ruled by the Council of Blades which consists of both the order's best warriors and their most cunning strategists. Currently Swordmaster Karthoz leads the council and seeks to find out the truth about his people while also expanding his influence.

The Niraauz Orders are, like the Sawarkian Deathdancers, a group which only allows members of a specific gender. In their case only Haalsiani males are allowed to join their brotherhood.

Equipment Edit

Darkblades Edit

Forged using advanced machinery and skillfull technique onboard their ship the darkblades is the one and only weapon used by the monks of the Niraauz Order.

While few have seen them in action because of their reputation, it is said that the darkblades can cut through shields, armor and bone with ease. Few whom have met a monk of Niraauz in battle have lived to tell the tale and those who do are wary of speaking about.

Any Haalsiani male who joins the ranks of the Niraauz is not considered a member untill they have forged their blade.

Media Edit

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