Technically independent, the world of Novithus have kept their strong ties with the Sol System Government most notably through the SDF Auxiliary Corps and a defensive pact.

Novithus is known for its large industries, beautiful environments and its role as a central tradehub in the southeastern quadrant.

Climate Edit

Being a temperate world, Novithus has a relatively mild climate and is generally warm throughout the entire year.

Infrastructure Edit

Novithus has a broad industry which make up most of the infrastructure. Ontop of that there are several major tradeports which manage and store goods from, but not restricted to, Khrosus Industrial Construction and NewGen Technological Solutions.

Notable Locations Edit

New Hague Edit

Capital of Novithus, New Hague was named by the first colonists who were primarily of Dutch descent. The city consists mostly of administrational and residential areas.

Hoxith Edit

Described as a "city-sized warehouse" Hoxith is capable of storing more goods alone than any other planet. During the Divinity Creed's surprise attack on Novithus the raiding fleet occuppied the city. It is believed that they chose Hoxith due to its abundance of supplies which could keep an army on its legs for an amazing ten years.

Firebase Ares Edit

Officially deactivated this former training base was reused and expanded during the siege of Novithus and was used by Lord General Kaspar Cross as he managed the SDF forces on the ground.

Media Edit

SDF Aux Trooper Novithus

SDF Novithus Auxiliary trooper inside a dropship.

Novithus New Hague

New Hague


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