The homeworld of the Upyri, and the capital of the Upyri Federation's commercial/industrial/trading might.

Climate Edit

Nyx, being covered in numerous cities and factories and such, has two seasons for the most part. Warm and Cold. Rain sometimes lasts for days at a time.

Infrastructure Edit

The planet is completely covered in towering mega-skyscrapers and vast megacities. There hasn't been any open land on Nyx in a few hundred years. All of the main corporate buildings are inside the capital city of Nyxia, which is also home to the governor of the planet as well as its current representative to the Upyri Federation's Council of Planetary Representatives.

Notable Locations Edit

Most of the major corporations with ties to Nyx have their headquarters near the center of Nyxia's 'Uptown' district. It is also the location of the Pirogren Memorial Dome, home of Nyx's Gravball team, the 'Nyx Nightmare'.

To the southeast of Nyxia, in the connecting city of Nyvas, is the headquarters of the Interstellar Racing Organization. It is also the location of the headquarters for the Corps of Exploration & Engineering.

Media Edit


A portion of Nyxia's 'Uptown' district.

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