The Okonjo-Eri Agreement was the name of a proposed Sol Government bill concepted in 2385 in response to military aggression caused by the USR.

It was written by councilors Jabari Okonjo and Maya Eri. The bill consisted primarily of two key motions however a third motion was in place should the second one fail.

Motion for Restored Religious Practices Edit

The first motion of the OEA, removes the ban on religious practices. However religious representatives and figures are still barred from upholding a position within the Sol Government.

Motion for Increased Diplomatic Action Edit

Second motion of the OEA demands increased diplomatic efforts and outreach programs to religious communities prepared to re-integrate into Sol society.

Motion for Hardened Military Response Edit

Third motion of the OEA cites that terrorist actions and efforts by religious groups to militarize its followers will be faced with hardened military and police response.

Result Edit